Governing Board

The Governing Board, consisting of the President, the Vice-president, the Secretary general, the Vice-secretary general, the Treasurer, he Account auditor, the Patrimonial keeper and the Librarian, the Directors of the Sections and the Director of the Fabra Observatory.

Governing Board

President: Jordi ISERN i VILABOY
Vice President: Xavier BELLÉS i ROS
General Secretary: Enric CANADELL i CASANOVA
General Vice Secretary: Javier MARTÍN-VIDE
Treasurer: Montserrat TORNÉ i ESCASANY
Account auditor: Xavier OBRADORS i BERENGUER
Patrimonial keeper: Josep AMAT i GIRBAU
Librarian: Vicenç NAVARRO i AZNAR

Directors of the Sections

Section 1 Mathematics and Astronomy: Marta SANZ-SOLÉ
Section 2 Physics: Martine BOSMAN
Section 3 Chemistry: Ernest GIRALT i LLEDÓ
Section 4 Earth Sciences: Miquel CANALS i ARTIGAS
Section 5 Biology: Jaume BERTRANPETIT i BUSQUETS
Section 6 Technology: Josep A. PLANELL
Section 7 Arts: Artur RAMON NAVARRO

Director of the Fabra Observatory


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