The Academy is governed by the Governing Board, consisting of the President, the Vice-president, the Secretary general, the Vice-secretary general, the Treasurer, the Account auditor, the Patrimonial keeper and the Librarian, the Directors of the Sections and the Director of the Fabra Observatory.

The Academy has 75 numerary members distributed in Sections, and an indefinite number of emeritus, supernumerary and correspondent members; the latter are elected from among those persons with no usual residence in Barcelona nor in its surroundings and who have performed studies of recognised scientific merit.

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    1. General Meeting

    2. Governing bodies

      1. President

      2. Governing board


        Vice president

        General Secretary

        General Vice Secretary


        Account auditor

        Curator of cultural heritage


        Directors of the Sections

        Director of the Fabra Observatory

        1. Permanent comission

        2. Publications comission

      3. Directors and Secretaries of the Sections

    3. Sections

      1. 1. Mathematics and Astronomy

      2. 2. Physics

      3. 3. Chemistry

      4. 4. Earth Sciences

      5. 5. Biology

      6. 6. Technology

      7. 7. Arts

    4. Units of service

      1. Library

      2. Historical Archive

      3. Fabra Observatory

      4. Secretary

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