Girona, 1948
Earth Sciences (4th)
Speciality: Sustainability/geophysics
Ingress date: 2014.05.29
Medal: 18

Education: B.Sc., 1976 (University of Barcelona); Ph.D., 1979 (University of Barcelona; Prof. Agustín Udías and Prof. Stephan Mueller). Appointments: Researcher Institute of geophysics, ETH, Zurich (1980-1983), Head of Geophysics Geological Survey of Catalonia (1983-1987); Research Professor (CSIC) (1987-2009); Director Institute of Earth Sciences, Barcelona (1988-1991); Coordinator “Natural Resources” (CSIC) (1991-1993); Secretary General National R+D Plan, Madrid (1994-1995); Secretary of State for Universities and Research, Madrid (1995-1996); Secretary General European Science Foundation, Strasbourg (1998-2003); Director Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation and Catalan Institution for Research and Advances Studies (ICREA) (2004-2007); Director of Innovation “La Seda de Barcelona” (2007-2009); Director Science and Environment “la Caixa” Foundation (2009-2015). President of Euroscience (2006-2012). Main fields of research and artistic creation: Lithospheric processes including several geophysical techniques. Presently consulting for companies, philanthropic institutions and the World Bank on research and innovation issues. Publications: More than 160 peer-reviewed articles and supervisor of 9 Ph.D. theses. Awards and honors: Member Academia Europaea (1991); Golden Badge European Geophysical Society (1994); Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur of the French Republic (1996); Fellow Royal Astronomical Society (UK) (1998); Fellow European Geophysical Society (2000); Medal Academy of Finland (2003); Distinguished Honorary Member of Euroscience (2003); Medal Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2003); Copernicus Medal Polish Academy of Sciences (2003); Slovenian Science Foundation Award (2003); Medal Slovak Academy of Sciences (2004).

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