Excma. Sra. Mercè DURFORT i COLL

La Suze (France), 1943
Biological Section (5rd).
Speciality: Cellular Biology
Ingress date: 1993.12.09
Medal: 54

Education: B.Sc.,1965 (University of Barcelona); PhD.,1973 (University of Barcelona). Appointments: Assistant Professor of the University Barcelona (UB)(1965-1975); Associate Professor (1975-1986);Full Professor at the UB (1986 -2013), Emeritus Professor UB. Office charges at the UB: Vice-Dean of Studys Affairs ( 1983-1985); President of the Section Biological Science of Institut Estudis Catalans (IEC)(1992-2001) Vice-President of Royal Academy of the Sciences and Arts of Barcelona (RACAB) (2013-2016). Main fields of reseach and artístic creation: Biology of the reproduction of the aquàtic mol.luscan and crustacea of the Mediterrean coast with gastronomic interest. Bioacumulation of tòxics elements in mol.lusca bivalves. Parasitic species of the mollusca bivalves. Target organs for parasitosis in Bivalve Molluscs. Comparative Histopathology . Publications: More than 150 papers and supervisor of 18 Ph.D.theses and Reserach Works. Awards and honors: Prize award of doctoral these (1973); Narcís Monturiol medal to the scientific merit (1998); Creu Sant Jordi of the Generalitat de Catalunya (2004); Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of the Catalunya ( 2000); Honorific membre of the Institució Catalana d´Historia Natural (2005), Correspondent Member of the Royal Doctors Academy of Spain (2007); Honorific Member of de Santiago Ramón y Cajal chair of the Medical Sciences of the University of La Habana (Cuba)(2014).

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