Excm. Sr. Ramon Maria MASALLES i SAUMELL

Blancafort (Conca de Barberà), 1948
Biology Section (4th)
Speciality: Geobotany
Ingress date: 2008.11.06
Medal: 4


Education: B.Sc., 1971 (University of Barcelona); Ph.D., 1979 (Prof. Oriol de Bolòs, University of Barcelona). Stagiaire (1974) at the Centre d'Études Phytosociologiques et Écologiques Louis Emberger (Montpellier, France). Appointments: Assistant Professor (1971-1986), Professor (1986-1990), Full Professor (1990-2009), and Emeritus Professor (2009-) of the University of Barcelona (UB). Lecturer (1992-1999) and Visiting Professor (1999-2014) at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Barcelona Tech (UPC). Head of the Department of Plant Biology (1989-1995) at the UB. Patron of the Karl Faust Private Foundation (2010-). Main fields of research: Regional floristic and phytocoenological studies; secondary succession on abandoned fields; agrestal vegetation: weed identification and plant population biology; allochtonous and invasive flora; vegetation mapping; landscape management and protected areas delimitation. Publications: About 45 book chapters or books (coauthor of the Flora Manual dels Països Catalans, 3th edition, 2005) and 70 articles. Supervisor of 6 Ph.D. Theses. Awards and honors: Pius Font i Quer prize (1980, Institut d'Estudis Catalans)..

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