Barcelona, 1942 - Barcelona, 2023
Earth Sciences Section (4rd)
Speciality: Mineralogy and Cristallography
Ingress date: 25.04.1993
Medal: 2

Education: B.Sc. 1965 (University of Barcelona); Ph.D. 1971 (Prof. Manuel Font Altaba University of Barcelona). Chercheur Libre (1971-1973) with Prof Van Meersche and Dr. Gabriel Germain. University of Leuven (Belgium). Appointments: Associate Prof. of University of Barcelona (1969-1971). Researcher at the CSIC (1973-1986). Full Prof. of Research at the CSIC (1986-2012). Coordinator of CSIC, in Catalonia (1987-1992). Director and founder of the ‘Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona’ (ICMAB-CSIC) (1986-2008). President of the ‘Spanish Crystallographic Committe’ and representative in the ‘International Union of Crystallography’ (since 1985). Member of the Governing Board of the CSIC (1993-1997). Director and Vice-director of the ’Laboratoire Européen Associé des Sciences et Génie des Materiaux et Procédés’ (CSIC-CNRS) (1995-2001). Vice-Director and Founder of ‘MATGAS’ (Air Products-CSIC-UAB) (2001-2008). Director of the ‘Institute of the Construction Sciences Eduardo Torroja, in Madrid (IETCC-CSIC) (2008-2010). ‘Real Academia de Ciencias y Arte de Barcelona’ (Since 1993). Academic of the ‘European Academy’ (since 1996). Member of Advisory Group (AEG) for priority 3 (EC FP6 ) and for NMP (EC FP7) (2002-2007). President of organizing committee of “Expominer” (since 2016) . Main Fields of Research: Characterization of Materials and Nanomaterials by X-Ray Diffraction. Industrial Applications of Nanomaterials and Compounds. Solving Crystal Structures. Powder Diffraction and Theoretical general and Applied Crystallography. Publications: Number of articles published in the Web of Sciences: 239. Remaining Published Articles: 56. H-Index: 29, Citations: 3200. Director five doctoral theses. Awards: ‘Narcis Monturiol’ medal of scientific merit (1992). ‘Generalitat de Catalunya’ silver Medal of ‘CSIC’ (1990), ‘Officier des Palmes Academiques’ (1993, French Government).

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