Excm. Sr. Josep Anton MÚÑOZ de la FUENTE

Lleida, 1959
Secció de Ciències de la Terra (4a)
Especialitat: Geodinàmica
Data d’ingrés: 19.12.2019
Medalla de número: 47


Graduate (1981) and Doctor (1985) on Geological Sciences by the University of Barcelona. Professor of Structural Geology at the University of Barcelona since 2003. Responsible of the geological mapping of the Eastern Pyrenees at the Servei Geològic de la Generalitat de Catalunya (1985-1990). Founder and director of the Geomodels Research Institute (2003-2017). Head of the Research Group of Geodynamics and Basin Analysis). 240 papers, book chapters, books and geological maps (110 in indexed journals). Principal researcher of 129 projects funded by research agencies (30), industry (80) and other institutions (19). Director of 18 PhD thesis (defended and current). Specialist on fold-and-thrust belts, fault systems and salt tectonics. Main research activities developed in the Pyrenees, but also in other orogenic systems (Andes, Alps, Apennines, Zagros, Tian Shan, Flinders Ranges, Antarctic, ...). In 2002 the Generalitat de Catalunya honored him with the Distinció per a la Promoció de la Recerca Universitària.

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