Excm. Sr. Francesc PIFERRER i CIRCUNS

Malgrat de Mar, 1960
Biological Section (5rd)
Speciality: Fish physiology
Ingress date: 14.11.2019
Medal: 58



Biographical note: Ph.D. in Biology and Research Professor at the Spanish National Research Council. Doctoral training in Canada (1985-1988) and postdoctoral training in the United States (1991-1994). Created the Group of Biology of Reproduction (1997). Coordinator of the consolidated research group Fish Physiology and Genomics (2005-2019). His research focuses on sexual development. Pioneer in the use of epigenetics in the study of the integration of endogenous and exogenous changes in the physiology and phenotype of fish. At his reception, he is author of more than 130 scientific articles, 15 book chapters and editor of two books. He has developed methods for the control of fish reproduction and has signed two patents. Consultant to the European Commission (2001-2008). Delegate to the Council of Europe for the creation of animal welfare legislation (2003-2007). Member of the Board of Directors of the Catalan Society of Biology (2003-2014). Collaborator in the management of the National R&D Plan (2011-2015). Jacumar Prize for Best Aquaculture Research (2013).

Foto: © Vicens Tomàs
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