Barcelona, 1967
Secció d'Arts aplicades (7a)
Especialitat: Antiquariat
Data d’ingrés: 20.2.2020
Medalla de número: 31


Art historian, antiquarian and gallery owner. Disciple of José Milicua, he specialized in engraving, particularly in the world of Piranesi. From engraving, he derived to drawing where he is an expert of recognized prestige. He currently serves as managing director of ARTUR RAMON ART, having internationalized the brand exhibiting at TEFAF Maastricht, Salon du Dessin in Paris, London Art Week and Master Drawings in New York. Since 1993, he is president of the Organizing Committee of the Barcelona Antique Hall and member of the board of trustees of the Barcelona Foundation. Since 1989 he has collaborated in different magazines and art publications such as Antiquaria, Revista de Catalunya, El Guia, Serra d'Or i el Periòdic l'Art. He has also been a speaker at the University of Barcelona, the University of Girona and the College of Graduates of Seville. He has organized and curated multiple exhibitions such as " Manolo, essencial: escultura, pintura, dibuix " at the Francisco Godia Foundation in Barcelona; "Smith reivindicat " at the Palau de Caldes d'Estrac Foundation; and " Els Piranesi de Montserrat " at the Montserrat Museum. Author of eight books: Oficio de Anticuario, Álbum Manolo Hugué, Els Piranesis de Montserrat, Nada es bello sin el azar, El sant Jeròni penitent de Caravaggio a Montserrat, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya: un itinerari, Falsas Sirenas Son y Les obres mestres de l’art català, Art trobat. He is lecturer and regularly collaborates with the media disseminating aspects related to the art and antiquarian world, currently in Cultura/s of La Vanguardia and in the Suplement of Catalunya Ràdio.

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