Excm. Sr. Carles SIMÓ i TORRES

Barcelona, 1946
Mathematics and Astronomy (Section 1)
Speciality: Dynamical Systems
Ingress date: 1989.1.26
Medal: 21


Education: Degree in Mathematics at the University of Barcelona (UB) in 1968; Ph.D. in Mathematics at the UB in 1974; Industrial Engineer at the Polytecnical University of Catalunya (UPC) in 1969; teaching assistant at the UB, 1968-1975, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), 1969-1975 and at the UPC, 1968-1973. Appointments: Full Professor at the U. of Zaragoza, 1975-77, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, 1977-78, and at the UB, 1978-2016. Head of Dept. of Functional Equations UB (1978- 1985), of Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Analysis UB (1985-1988). Head of the Computing Center UB (1978-1982). Main fields of research: 1) General properties of Dynamical Systems; 2) Hamiltonian Systems, detection of non-integrability, symplectic maps and related topics; 3) dissipative systems: attractors and universal properties; 4) Celestial Mechanics; 5) Analysis and design of Space Missions; 6) Fluid mechanics and other PDE; 7) General methodology for accurate numerical and symbolic computations; 8) Numerical indicators of the dynamics. Always taking together theory, simulation and applications. Publications: More than 250 peer-reviewed publications. Active participation in more than 250 scientific activities (conferences, workshops, seminars, courses). Supervisor of 25 Ph.D. theses and with more that 130 scientific descendants. Awards and honors: Narcís Monturiol medal to the scientific merit (1995, Generalitat de Catalunya); National Research Prize (2012, Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca).

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