Excma. Sra. Maria Josefa YZUEL i GIMÉNEZ

Jaca (Osca), 1940
Physics, Section (2nd)
Specialty: Optics
Ingress date: 14.04.2005
Medalla de número: 67


Professor Emeritus, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. She has been a Full Professor of Optics at this University since 1983. Before, she was a Professor of the Universities of Zaragoza and Granada. She has worked in optical image system quality, medical image processing, optical pattern recognition and diffractive optics. Her main contributions to these fields include: introduction of the spectral distribution of the source and the color response of the human eye in the image quality of optical systems; the design of non-uniform pupils in optical systems to modify different parameters of the image; the application of apodizers in photolithography and the application of Fourier techniques to develop the collimator function and its influence on the image response of a gamma rays and X rays devices. In optical pattern recognition she has achieved important results with the introduction of the color distribution of the image as additional information for pattern recognition. The discrimination among similar objects is improved by transforming the color coordinates with the application of decorrelation techniques and with the introduction of other color coordinates, like CIELAB system. She has also proposed new techniques for the automatic alignment of the VanderLugt correlator. The application of 3D-correlation in color pattern recognition is one of her main achievements in this field.
One of her main recent contributions is the introduction of elliptically polarized light in the use of twisted nematic liquid crystal displays and the optimization of their performance. Only amplitude or only phase modulation can be obtained with possible applications in diffractive optics and in digital holography. This research has a potential application in the industry of liquid crystals panels by extending their use in other fields. She has more than 250 scientific publications and she has supervised 20 Ph. D. Thesis.
She has held leadership positions and provided services to the International Commission for Optics (Vice President), the Spanish Optical Society (Vice President and President), the European Optical Society (EOS) (member of the Board of Directors and Secretary General), SPIE-The International Society for Optics and Photonics (member of the Board of Directors and leadership positions) and the Spanish Royal Physics Society (member of the Board of Directors and Vice President). She is a Fellow member of the Optical Society of America (OSA), the SPIE, the European Optical Society (EOS), the Institute of Physics, UK (IOP, Chartered Physicist), the Spanish Optical Society (Socia de Honor) and the Spanish Royal Physics Society (Socia de Honor). She is a Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona and a Correspondent member of the Academies of Sciences of Granada and Zaragoza. She is an Elected Correspondent Member of the Academy of Sciences of Venezuela. She was the 2009 President of SPIE.
She received the Medal of the University of Warsaw in 2005. She became Doctor Honoris Causa from the University Miguel Hernandez of Elche in 2012. She received the Award of Commander of the Civil Order of King Alfonso X the Wise from the Ministry of Education in 2013. She has received other awards, among them the Gender Equality Award (Premi igUAltat) of the University of Alicante, 2017. She became Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Granada in 2017.

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