6. Technology

It includes practical and industrial applications of sciences such as architecture, urban planning and engineering.

Director: Excm. Sr. Miguel A. Lagunas Hernández
Secretary: Excm. Sr. Antoni Subirana i Torrent

1. Excm. Sr. Modest Batlle i Girona

  • Infrastructure of territorial science, Medal 27

2. Excm. Sr. Lluís Berga i Casafont

  • Water engineering, Medal 12

3. Excm. Sr. Carles Buxadé i Ribot

  • Architectural Structural Engineering, Medal 53

4. Excm. Sr. Miguel A. Lagunas Hernández

  • Signal Processing, Medal 65

5. Excm. Sr. Joan Majó i Cruzate

  • Industrial Electronics, Medal 63

6. Excm. Sr. Josep Anton Planell i Estany

  • Biomaterials engineering, Medal 20

7. Excm. Sr. Juan Antonio Subirana i Torrent

  • Chemical Engineering, Medal 48

8. Excma. Sra. Carme Torras i Genís

  • Artificial intelligence and Robotics, Medal 51

9. Excm. Sr. Mateo Valero i Cortés

  • Computer architecture, Medal 75

10. Sr. Roderic Guigó

  • Bioinformatics, Elected

11. Sra. Ana Isabel Pérez-Neira

  • Satellite communication, Elected

12. Sra. Carme Pinós Desplat

  • Architectural heritage, Elected

Honorary member

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